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Free Palestine

14 January / KadıköySahne


Concert News

After organising human chains in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, on Sunday 14 January the Freedom for Palestine Platform held a concert at Kadıköy Sahne in Istanbul that attracted hundreds of spectators.

The concert featured 12 live performances by 20 musicians, as well as letters and video messages from Turkish-Canadian composer Mercan Dede, Palestinian group Le Trio Joubran, and George Totari, founder of the group Kofia and writer of the well-known protest song Leve Palestina.

Between the musical performances, the audience heard speeches from artists and activists, including BDS Turkey. Among the speakers were three of the founders of the Freedom for Palestine Platform:


Fatma Akdokur spoke of the aims behind the establishment of the platform; Hacer Ansal, announced the platform’s next step, the establishment of a People's Tribunal, inviting everybody to support the initiative; and Özdeş Özbay called for freedom for Palestine from the perspective of climate justice.

Dr Faed Mustafa, Ambassador of Palestine to the Republic of Turkey, sent a special message for the concert in which he summarised the current situation in Gaza and thanked everyone who has given their support to Palestine. Rajeh Nassar from the Palestine Friendship Association also sent a message calling for wider solidarity and a boycott of Israel.

Activists from BDS Turkey also called for a boycott, and in particular called on all artists to join a cultural boycott against the Zorlu Performing Arts Centre, owned by Zorlu Holding which has large energy investments in Israel.

Throughout the evening, the audience chanted slogans such as “Free Palestine, boycott Israel”, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, “No room for racism”, “Free-free-freedom, freedom to Palestine”.

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