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Freedom for Palestine Platform

Call of the Artists

Only the people of the world with collective conscience who raise their voices together can play an active role in stopping Israeli government's destructive occupation of Gaza and the genocide taking place.  


The essence of the collective conscience is the love for humanity, and the love for all living things. Hundreds of thousands of people in Turkey and around the world defending human rights and peace and who are against occupation and racism are in solidarity not only with the people  of Palestine, but with each other too.

The voice of collective conscience is free and for everyone who is born with the right to be free and live a happy life with dignity.  It does not discriminate, it is beyond borders and ethnicity. In every case where these conditions are not met, it is raised for those muted involuntarily.


Silence breeds violence.

Uniting and speaking out is an option. It holds the seeds of just and peace to be.


Ceasefire in Gaza, Freedom for Palestine!


Join us at the Solidarity Concert on January 14, 2024! Let's sing our songs and call for justice and peace, in solidarity!

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